Spencer Elden, the baby on Nevermind album cover…

is not a baby anymore. He is 31 years old!

Here’s a recent picture of him:

The picture was taken by Kirk Weddle and Spencer is the son of one of his friends. Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl were inspired by a documentary they saw about baby birth.

Spencer is not really at peace about being the most famous naked baby in the world and even considered taking legal actions against the record label (i.e. Geffen Records) in 2016. He said:

“When I go to a baseball game l think about it: ‘Man, everybody at this baseball game has probably seen my little baby penis,’ I feel like I got part of my human rights revoked”

He never met any of the member of the band. Dave Grohl said in 2013:

“I’ve never met him. We weren’t there the day that they did the photo shoot, so I don’t know. I’ve seen him in magazines and stuff.”

The iconic pictures of the band in the pool were taken after the success of the album

Nevermind is the second album by Nirvana released on September 24, 1991, 30 million copies were sold worldwide.

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