Bananas in pajamas

BY ImThatOld LE 28 April 2011

The TV show is about twins B1 and B2 (who are really bananas wearing pyjamas…), and their friends the Teddies and Rat-in-a-Hat. They all lived in the storybook world of Cuddles Avenue.

How is it possible to think of a show like this ? seriously ? Bananas in pyjamas ?! it’s not that fun for a little kid, it’s kind of scary :)

The opening theme : (warning, the song get easily stuck in your head)

YouTube Preview Image

The show was firstly aired on ABC in 1992, 19 years ago.

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3 memories de “Bananas in pajamas”

  1. Nicole says:

    cute! love this show!

  2. roseannkizel says:

    one of the reasons, why i always absent during my elementary years (grade 1)… I LOVE U B1 and B2 …

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